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Save a Life by Fostering 

TLCAR can only rescue animals in need if we have foster homes to place them in until they are adopted. We provide all food and vet care while in your care.  You provide a safe home & love. Foster homes could be short term (couple days) or long term until they find their new home. Every minute counts to a death row or homeless animal. 

Why Foster?
TLCAR does not have a physical shelter. All of the animals in our care stay in foster homes until adopted by their forever family. We can only help as many animals as we have space for in a foster home. Our foster homes are always full, sometimes past full. When rescues are full, homeless animals have no place else to go but the local kill shelter. County shelters do not have the option to be "no-kill", and when they get full, pets are euthanized to make room for new ones coming in. Fostering buys the pet time until their forever family comes along. 

What does fostering involve?
Pet foster parents are very much like child foster parents. They care for a homeless pet as if he was their own until he is adopted. Shelter environments can be extremely stressful for dogs. It is much more comfortable for them to stay in a home environment. They are able to get more individualized care in someone's home. It also gives them better socialization skills, which makes them a more well-adjusted pet. Also, the foster parent is able to learn about the pet's personality, likes, and dislikes so that he can be better matched to the right forever home. Most importantly, pet foster parents save lives! 

We will match you with a suitable pet to foster. For example, if you have a female dog who does not get along with other females, we will only have you foster male dogs. If you work full time and cannot care for young puppies, we will only have you foster adults.  We rescue very young puppies, pregnant or nursing mothers, sick or injured, senior, etc, but we cannot save them without a available foster home.

If you are interested in fostering please fill out our online application here

Tlcanimalrescue [ at ]